How many times have you felt like you were singled out because of your relationship status? Unfortunately, we live in a society that equates personal fulfillment to whether or not you have a ring on your finger. Too often, single Christians are viewed as if they are missing out on life because they don’t have a romantic interest or they feel the need to put their lives on hold as they wait for the right partner to come along. In her powerfully authentic book, Singled Out in a Couples’ World, Christa Smith, invites those who find themselves in a season of singleness to reconsider their perspective. Being single was never intended to be seen as a curse. Instead, it is an opportunity to encounter God in incredible ways, embrace the story He is uniquely writing, and live the life you were always meant to. With beautiful insight and compelling transparency, Christa’s words will motivate readers to: 

  • Break off the stigma of singleness 
  • Live an abundant life surrendered to God 
  • Never stop believing in your God dream 
  • Remove the pause button and live fully 
  • Wait well and embrace new opportunities 
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