The Christianity of the Bible is a religion that is uncompromisingly supernatural. If we take away the supernatural, we take away Christianity. History shows that God always intended that believers should walk in the supernatural. Too often the ministry of the Holy Spirit is limited to a few people on Sunday ministering to the many. Unchaining The Supernatural explains how the many can start to take the Spirit’s power into their everyday lives. Sean and Christa share messages and teachings that will equip you to do just that.

The USB Includes:

  • A New Era
  • Activating Your Authority
  • Intimacy with the Holy Spirit (Part 1)
  • Intimacy with the Holy Spirit (Part 2)
  • The Tipping Point of Your Destiny – Video
  • Partnering with Resurrection Power
  • Revivals Missing Ingredient – Video
  • Attitude that Attracts an Outpouring
  • Battle for Your Breakthrough
  • Encounter Lifestyle
  • The Open Door to Awakening
  • The Price Tag of the Supernatural Ft. Matthew Gonzales – Video
  • Lifestyles of a Revivalist (Part 1)
  • Lifestyles of a Revivalist (Part 2)