The Prophetic Activation Series is a comprehensive course on how to upgrade your prophetic gifting. This 21 audio and one PDF book teaching have topics that include how to receive revelation from heaven, how to develop your perception of the spirit realm, tips for stirring up your spiritual gifts (including words of knowledge and gifts of prophecy) as well as an in-depth teaching on the person and power of the Holy Spirit that also features teaching in how to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost and the importance of the heavenly language.

Flash Drive Includes:

  • Activating Spiritual Gifts (4 CD Set)
  • Driven By Defiant Faith (2 CD Set)
  • Empowerment Of The Spirit (3 CD Set)
  • Epic LifeStyle (E-Book)
  • Sanctifying Your Imagination (2 CD Set)
  • School of Prophetic Evangelism (6 CD Set)
  • Sharpening Your Spiritual Senses (3 CD Set)
  • The Prophetic Ministry Of Jesus (Video)