Millenniums ago, in the Old Testament, Daniel prophesied of this timeless secret, declaring that, “them that know their God shall be used mightily and do great exploits” (Daniel 11:32).

G3-D guides believers in quest of that secret: the power and effectiveness of every believer is directly linked to their inner history with God.

Going 3-D-an equipping, 2-part series focusing on Developing Dynamic Devotions and Discerning Divine Direction was professionally recorded live, featuring Sean Smith with a hungry group of ballistic believers.

Session 1-In Developing Dynamic Devotions, Sean equips the believers in touching God regularly and establishing intimacy with Him. This session gives instructions on how to fellowship with the Person of the Holy Spirit and establish a proper environment for Him. There are also principles given to aid the seeker in how to navigate through the hindrances that would keep them from that secret place with God. The importance of getting alone with God is stressed in such a way as to motivate even the most struggling of saints.

Session 2-In Discerning Divine Direction, Sean equips the believer to follow the leading of God. There are practical tips given on how to hear the voice of God. This session is excellent in laying a foundation for the prophetic. Rather than rehash the obvious, real revelatory insights are presented to aid discernment. Sean also hits upon the two most common, yet subtle, ways that God moves upon an individual. This session is certain to increase sensitivity and take the believer to the next level in flowing in the Spirit.

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